British Riding Clubs Area 8

Team 13th at the Equi-Theme Intermediate dressage championships at Bury Farm on 29th April!

On the 29th April Billericay and District Riding club had a team competing and representing the club at the dressage championships at Bury Farm. The team consisted of Hayley Goode, Lauren Goode, Samantha O’Keefe and Jacqueline Adams-Hooker. Lauren and Hayley travelled up on the friday as they had early tests Saturday morning and Lauren had also qualified as an individual in the Medium and the individual competition took place on the friday.

Lauren and her horse Maximus came out very fresh on the friday and he did not want to settle in his test with the excitement of the competition. Lauren and Maximus held it together to achieve 60% and 14th place. On the saturday Lauren was first up for the team in the elementary and Maximus was much more settled and achieved a 65% for 12th place. Next up was Hayley and her horse Arnie, he had also been told by Maximus how exciting it was and was on his toes. Hayley and Arnie went into the Prelim and achieved 73% which gave them 11th place only 2% between the top 10. In the afternoon were the novice tests and next up was Samantha and her horse Harry. Sam and Harry produced their usual lovely test for 66% giving them 14th place. Last but not least was Jacqueline who produced a lovely test for 68% giving them 8th place. With the placings being really close Jacqueline just missed out on 3rd place with a slightly over excited medium canter affecting her marks.  I’m sure we would have all done even better if they hadn’t been playing such depressing music over the speaker system!

Everyone enjoyed the weekend and the team done really well to come 13th collectively against a large amount of very good teams from all over the country.

The next dressage qualifiers are at Ashfields on the 28th May, hopefully Billericay will qualify for the next championships too!