British Riding Clubs Area 8

National BRC Horse Trials Championships – 9th August 2015 – Swalcliffe Park

Another fantastic championships for Billericay Riding Club. Billericay had a team in the 90 cm two day competition which consisted of Lisa Cameron-Errington, Samantha O Keefe, Rosie Bates and Cat Moody. The team came 8th overall, this is out of all the riding clubs in the UK. The team also posted some fantastic individual results.

Lisa and Chester posted a fab score of 30 in the dressage and followed this up with a clear cross country and showjumping to land them individual 6th.

Samantha and Harry also posted a fab dressage score of 34 and a speedy double clear cross country and showjumping to land them individual 4th.

Rosie and Inca posted a super dressage score of 35, but caught two unlucky poles showjumping but a fantastic clear cross country round to come individual 14th.

And Cat posted a fab dressage score of 34.5, one unlucky pole showjumping and had a slight mishap on the cross country course, never the less it was still a fantastic national debut for her.

So fantastic results and well done to all the girls in the team!

To add to the fantastic team result Annette Philpot who qualified as an individual in the 80cm came 4th individually on her young horse Denzel.

Imogen Bird and Fred also did a fab job in the junior 90 alongside her sister Lizzy who took her lovely young horse Todd – very exciting prospect for the future!

Massive well done to all the competitors and horses for such great results!

Also a massive thankyou to everyone who went along, drove the lorries, supported the teams and played groom for the weekend! Without you all it wouldn’t be possible to do it!


Hickstead Team Challenge – 2nd August 2015


Great day at Hickstead for Billericay. We entered one team this year in the team challenge which consisted of Emma Philpot, Julie Haywood and Lauren Goode.


The first competitor to go was Julie Haywood riding Westfords Madonna in the 85cm, a horse who stepped in last minute for Julies top horse who is currently out of action. Julie put in a solid round but unfortunately came unstuck at the famous Hickstead planks (same fence as Emma) and ended on a score of 4 faults.


The second pair to go was Emma Philpot and Mocklershill Man in the 95cm. Emma put in a fantastic round and was the youngest competitor in the field by a mile! She unfortunately came unstuck at the planks too, so ended on a score of 4.


The last pairing to go in the 105cm were Lauren Goode and Maximus who put in a foot perfect clear round to maintain the 100% clear round record for the past 3 years at Hickstead.


Overall the team came 23rd out of 120 teams and finished on 8 faults!


Fabulous day and a massive thanks  to all competitors and supporters for all the hard work – a special thankyou to Jayne Cummins (Team Manager) who without all of her hard work behind the scenes we would never be able to do it all without her!


Horse Trials – Poplar Park – 26th June 2015

A fantastic day had by all Billericay Members at the national horse trials qualifiers at Poplar Park.


The 100cm team consisting of Sophie Hyde, Rosie Bates and Laura Johns, the team did well, all with individual places round an up to height track.


The 80cm team consisting of Lauren Goode, Annette… , Annette Philpot and Janet Hyde came 2nd overall and with individual placings from the members of the team. Individual riders also competed in the form of Sally Munt who produced 3 consistent phases.


A 90cm team was also entered, consisting of Lisa Cameron – Errington, Rosie Bates, Samantha O’Keefe and Cat Moody. The team won and are qualified for the Animal Life National Eventing Championships in August.


The Junior team also had lots of success and entered a team in the 80cm and came second!


Fantastic result by all the members and good luck to the girls at the Nationals!


Annette Philpot Clinic – 17th June 2015 – Poplar Park

A very good day for all at the Annette Philpot Clinic at Poplar Park today! It was very warm but all riders and horses jumped super!

Riders tackled a combination of fences from hanging logs out of quarries to drops into water successfully.

Great tips were given on riding skinnie’s and the importance of variation in the canter. And also on the riders position and how it affects the ability of the horse to jump!

All riders left feeling pleased and ready to take on the Horse Trials in a couple of weeks time!

A massive thank you to Annette for her time and we look forward to the next one! Dates will be available on the website once they are confirmed!

Summer Dressage Qualifiers – 13th June 2015 – Berwick Farm

Not a bad day had by the Billericay members at Berwick Farm Saturday, a little wet and cold but we were still in good spirits!

Annette Philpot kicked off the event with Denzel, she scored a 61.3% in the Novice 24, which resulted in achieving 10th place, even though Denzel was was quite fresh annd threw in a few extra shapes of his own!

Rosie Bates had her first test of the day on Dot 2 Dot shortly after, the came 7th with a reliable test scoring 61.2%.

Next up was Janet Hyde in the Open Section on City Slicker, she scored 60% to achieve 8th place.

Victoria Bax was the last member of the team on Wonderboy who scored 67.9% in Elementary 45 to secure 5th place. Overall the team came 9th in the Open section.

Next there is the Prelim Team consisting of Rosie Bates (61.2% – 13th), Hayley Goode (71% – 5th), Lisa Cameron-Errington (72.6% – 3rd) and Sam O’Keefe (64.6% – 10th) . All riders rode the same test (BDC-D3) and the team came 4th overall.

The second prelim team came just outside the placings. The team consisted of Laura John’s (66.2%), Sally Munt (58.8%), Kate Smith (64.4%) and Lauren Goode (60.8%).

Our last team entered was the Riding Test team. This consisted of Victoria Bax, Rosie Bates, Sam O’Keefe and Hayley Goode. This team posted some massive scores, from 75% to an 88% by Hayley! These were fantastic results and the team ended up 2nd!

Later on in the day we’re the Juniors. This team consisted of Brannon Murrell, Daisy Watson and Zara Rose-Horne. The girls had a fantastic day, Brannon scored 64% to come 5th, and the girls also posted a 7th and 8th! Which was fantastic as they were the youngest team entered!

Fantastic day for all competitors and supporters, well done and we can’t wait to see you on the 21st June! 😀

Sorry we only grabbed a couple of photos because of the poor weather.



New Caterers for 2015

Just to let you all know we have now identified a caterer for the rest of the 2015 season!


Our caterers are MGRILL, they will be at the show from start to finish!



For more information on their units and food you can visit their website :


Spring Dressage Show – 7th June 2015 – Crays Hill with results


What a fantastic home show we had at Crays Hill today!

The weather was perfect, the ground was super and so were the members running the show today, the organisation was perfect with all tests running on time!

And a massive thanks to all the competitors for making it such a good day!  And to Mal Phillips and Richard Hayward for judging all day and Naturally Focused for providing an excellent photography service (photos will be up on their website shortly!).






The results for the classes are as follows:

Results – Ring 1- Intro A & Prelim 7

Results – Ring 2- Intro B, BDC-D3

Introductory B :

1st – Samantha Conniford – Temple Valedictorian (76.7)

2nd – Ellane Farmer – Wiggy (69.8)

J 3rd – Katie Bicks – Diddy Dynamite (69.6)

J 3rd – Sarah Wareham – Bertie (69.6)

5th – Laura Carpenter – Pattens Tabatha (69.1)

6th – Megan Lawrence – Trefri Fawr Lady Lowri (67.8)


Introductory A:

1st – Rosie Bates – Newbie (72.2)

2nd – Jayne Cummins – Vayu (66.1)

3rd – Samantha Conniford – Temple Valedictorian (64.3)

4th – Janet Skitt – Bridgefoot Oreo (62.2)

5th – Katie Hopkins – Laced to Perfection (62.2)

6th – Daisy Watson – Jack (60.9)


Prelim 7:

1st – Taylor Booker – Shiloh (76.5)

2nd – Katie Bicks – Diddy Dynamite (70)

3rd – Rosie Bates – Newbie (67.5)

4th – Martin Watts – Sky (67)

J 5th – Charlotte Farrow – Just Seamus (65.5)

J 5th – Emily Lodge – Optimist (65.5)


BDC -D3:

1st – Sam O’Keefe – Lord of the Lake (78.6)

2nd – Hayley Goode – Arnie (76)

3rd – Lisa Cameron-Errington – Lanchester Law (74.8)

4th – Rosie Bates – Dot to Dot (72)

5th – Harriet Bradford – Prince (71.6)

6th – Susannah Buckett – Topholm Tribute (70)


Novice 24:

1st – Martin Watts – Sky (71.7)

2nd – Charlotte Farrow – Mysteries of Wisdom (71.7)

3rd – Taylor Booker – Shiloh (70.8)

4th – Louise Hurford – Noels Pride (68.7)

5th – Rosie Bates – Dot to Dot (68.1)

6th – Hannah Godfrey – Paddy (66.7)


Novice 30:

1st – Hannah Godfrey – Paddy (71.1)

2nd – Louise Hurford – Noels Pride (66.3)

3rd – Hayley Goode – Arnie (65.2)

4th – Denese Orton – Paris Smuggler (61.2)

4th – Lisa Hull – Annie Too (61.2)


A list of all the results for all the classes will be up within the next couple of days!

It was a fantastic day! Thank you to all who attended and we hope to see you at our jumping show! 🙂